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One stunningly beautiful world symbolically represented by braided Scarves of Peace.


"Peace Fibres is a contemporary expression of fabric arts meeting compassion for humankind... the book provides lively colorful pages that warm your heart and make your soul itch to make art and peace. Lohn's voice is clear and resonates her message with mastery."

Rita Roma, Sacred Art and Sacred Textiles

Cotton Across the globe, there are hundreds of cooperatives and other efforts enlisting fibre skills and artistry to provide economic empowerment to those on the margins.

The following list only offers a beginning; it will be expanded as you make known additional projects that expand the web.


Choose a project that tugs at the threads of your heart. Learn more about it, then get active! Contribute your talents, your time, your money to support and encourage the effort to empower and provide for our sisters.

The Echoes of Peace Choir in Duluth, Minnesota, is collaborating with the Rania Friendship Exchange to build relationship with the Kurdish people of Iraq. A 23-member delegation visited in March, distributing Scarves of Peace in each village.



The Choir and Friendship Exchange organizations welcome donations and participation by anyone interested in truly working for peace. Sara Thomsen is the director of the choir; see her website for ways to contribute:


Project Artensania Zona Andina (PAZA). 

Independencia, Ayopaya. Bolivia.  Originally in Bolivia as a Peace Corps volunteer, Dorinda Dutcher stayed on to help the rural weavers organize natural dye workshops and market their weavings. This is a multilevel undertaking, recognizing the need for training and jobs for women in Independencia.
Dorinda (a friend from the WARP conference) has devoted her life to working with these people to empower and uplift them through their glorious textiles.  July and August proceeds from Peace Fibres will go to PAZA.


Roommate at the WARP conference, Janice Knausenberger, works to help protect the threatened grasslands and endangered fauna of the Kinangop Plateau in northern Kenya. 

New friend, Janice, and her husband have spent more than a decade working eith the people to teach biodiversity, dying, and weaving techniques.  Janice is an accomplished weaving artist in her own right, so she is an excellent teacher to these marginalized people. 

September and October proceeds from the sale of Peace Fibres will be donated to this organization. 

If you would like to organize a run (Kenyan runners are renowned!), please do so with this organization as the recipient of your proceeds. I will donate 28 copies of Peace Fibres to the run!!

Knitting for Nutrition
promoting infant health in Burkina Faso, Africa. Peace Corps worker Hillary offers a pair of infant booties to moms who will attend a seminar on infant nutrition.


 Bootie Knitters

The Lebanon Home for Women in Tiruvannamali, Tamil Nadu, South India, is over 100 years old. It is a community that provides livelihood and security for widows and abandoned women and their children. The women earn their living with beautiful hand loom weaving. A contribution can be made to: Lutheran Partners/ for Lebanon Home for Women/ attention: Naomi Staruch, 122 W. Franklin Ave, Suite 319, Minneapolis, MN 55404.

Health Bridges International, located in Alto Cayma, a very poor suburb in the hills above Arequipa, Peru. It offers a large space for a knitting/sewing workshop for women to create clothing and gifts they sell to make a living. Its contact address is Health Bridges International, Inc., P.O. Box 8813, Portland, OR 97207. Rachel O’Neill of Michigan. “Little Dresses for Africa” and “Britches for Boys.” Transform pillow cases into colorful clothing for children in Africa and other countries struggling with poverty.

www.mybrother’ Jim and Flo Wheatley of Pennsylvania.  My Brother’s Keeper Quilt Group, the sleeping bag project. Create warm sleeping bags for homeless people. fight sex trafficking in India by purchasing organic, fair trade garments created to provide employment and support to women freeing themselves from oppression. I love a parade: art by your homeless neighbors is an organization established by Sandra Haff of Minnesota. Homeless women are employed as artists, creating masks, puppets, brooches, dolls and other vibrant characters as they reclaim dignity and purpose. people-to-people ties, end sweatshops, fair trade. Educational trips, advocacy organization, and products created ethically are all available. blankets, mittens, hats, shawls and other knit items created and shared with the people of Afghanistan, building compassionate relationship at the grassroots level. blankets and quilts stitched for children who are ill, traumatized, or otherwise needing care and comfort. teaching, weaving, empowering economically focused in Guatemala. marginalized women in Africa are taught to sew and then their creations are sold at a fair market price.  art to mend the world Quilt invites participation and conversation to create a more peaceful and equitable world, a world that ends violence against women, the imbalances between the rich and the poor and the different world cultures. helping survivors of war through immediate assistance, education, and medical care. Amani Matabaro Tom and his seamstress wife, Amini Bukanda employ Congo war victims in sewing and selling their goods. Weave a Real Peace (WARP) is a networking organization of weavers, academics, and interested supporters who value the importance of textiles to communities across the globe. a voice for the voiceless. The Love Blanket Project for children. "The worst part about child labor is that we can't get any love or affection from our families because we are away from them. Blankets provide a kind of security. We feel warm and comforted when we are surrounded by a blanket." tours and textiles supporting fair trade and empowering indigenous weavers in Guatemala and other Mayan regions. works with the weavers of Guatemala, marketing their creations to U.S. markets giving fair market prices to the weavers.  Maya Works sells fibre creations of Mayan women at fair trade prices, conducts tours, and supports indigenous weavers in Central and South America. partners for Just Trade is a non-profit, faith-based organization that builds partnerships between producers living in extreme poverty and consumers in North America.  We address root causes of poverty through Fair Trade sales, education, solidarity, and a commitment to trade justice. Began in Peru.


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