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One stunningly beautiful world symbolically represented by braided Scarves of Peace.


"From Native American dream catchers to the World Wide Web, Lohn found many images of weaving and webs that implied both greater community and greater strength. That's something she's hoping her book.... will help to create."

Marianne Combs, Reporter, Minnesota Public Radio

Peace Fibres Events
Peace Fibres Events


May 11:  Shepherd's Harvest Festival, Lake Elmo, MN

May 12:  Cultural Cloth, Maiden Rock, WI

May 13:  Madison Knitters, Madison, WI

May 14:  Dalai Lama in Madison (Katie and I are attending)

June 2:  Dedication of Unity Mandala at First Congregational Church in Grand Marais

June 9:  Teams of braiders creating Scarves of Peace in Duluth, MN

July 6-7:  Hovland Arts Festival, Hovland, MN.... with Artisans of the Tombolo

July 14:  ColorWheel Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

August 15:  White Bear Lake Arts Center, WBL, MN

September 21:  Scarves of Peace braiding, Grand Marais, MN, and many other locations

October (exact date to be announced):  White Bear Lake Arts Center, WBL, MN

Peace Fibres:  Events now celebrated:

Echoes of Peace/Rania Friendship Exchange delegation presents "Flowering of Friendship" concert sharing stories  and songs of their trip to Rania in Kurdish Irag.
They wore fibre turbans, scarves and a traditional dress with glistening golden vest for choir director, Sara Thomsen; all were gifted by the people they visited.


A Scarf of Peace was presented to Michele who had organized the original connection; eight other scarves were presented to various leaders in the villages visited. Fibres truly are global connectors!

Peaceful Collaboration in Cherokee, Iowa!    Connection in Story and Song....and Scarves!



This "Cherokee Connection" mandala was created by many hands at the Copper Cup Coffee Shop where we gathered on Saturday morning and where it now hangs.

                       Saturday, February 16.... Coffee Shop at 9 a.m., Bookvine at noon,
                           The Gardens at 3 p.m., and the Gathering Place at 8 p.m.

Synchronicity was at work when Peace Fibres was launched at Drury Lane Books in June, 2011; present for the celebration were three natives of Cherokee, Iowa, none of whom knew the other.
Denny FitzPatrick, technical designer of Peace Fibres, Barb Bottger and her mother, friend of author Karen Lohn, and Paula Pedersen, professor in the psychology department of UMD where Karen taught, discovered their common roots while chatting at the reception.

Barb contacted her classmate and owner of The Bookvine in Cherokee to faciltate an event there.
Mollie Loughlin suggested also including a concert by Paula and Sara Thomsen, her partner, and referred us to Jomi Anderson at The Gathering Place.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16, the "CHEROKEE CONNECTION" includes a hands-on fibre experience at THE BOOKVINE featuring KAREN LOHN, contributing author, Catherine Zdechlik, Texpert Denny FitzPatrick with Maryl Skinner (his wife) and book designer.  

SARA THOMSEN AND PAULA PEDERSEN will present a coordinated concert at THE GATHERING PLACE Saturday evening.

                                                           SCARVES OF PEACE

First Annual Braiding event in observance of International Day of Peace.
September 21, 2012 
Fund raiser for the VIOLENCE PREVENTION CENTER of Cook County
Sponsored by Drury Lane Books
East Bay Suites, Grand Marais, MN

 Mary MacDonald, Maryl Skinner, Bob Lohn, and Denny FitzPatrick cooperatively braiding a one-hundred strand scarf for the 100th anniversary of the Cook County Courthouse.

                         Carol, Linda, Buddy, Nikki, and Jeanette joined through the fibres they braided.

Orlene, Korey, and Maxine...all scarfed together!

And, other braiding teams with their connective creations!




Our music makers,  Dave and Myron.... how we resonated with those wonderful
songs of peace!  


                                  SIXTEEN GORGEOUS  SCARVES OF  PEACE
with written messages of peaceful intentions to various leaders/persons in positions of power.... director of the Peace Corps, Gabby Giffords, Michelle Obama, President Obama,
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Greg Mortenson, UNICEF, Iranian president. 

Scarves have already been presented, thanks to Denny FitzPatrick, to Minnesota senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken.  Suggestions were made for other potential recipients.

GRATITUDE to ALL who sent fibres..... care center elders, Mary MacDonald's art students,
weavers  and spinners from Guatemala, Bolivia, England, Australia/New Zealand, Thailand, India, Kenya, Mali, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Italy, Canada, Duluth, Ohio, New York, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Albert Lea, Rochester, WARP members, and folks from Grand Marais and all of Cook County.

MUCH APPRECIATION to each of you who participated in the braiding, singing, rejoicing, and holding up of peaceful intention to add our part of creating a more soulful world.

PEACE today....and every day.


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