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Sixteen scarves braided in observance of the International Day of Peace

Sixteen scarves braided in observance of International Day of Peace

 Grand Marais community members gathered at East Bay Suites on Friday, September 21, to braid fibres that had been contributed from weavers and spinners across the globe, six continents included. Elders at the care center tore strips of fabric and braided them; Mary MacDonald’s art students created chains of finger crocheting that were included in the scarves; people mailed fibres from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, and North America; braiders sent and brought significant fibres; and, Bob Lohn measured, cut, and wound hundreds of five-yard lengths to be included.

         An abundance of prepared five-yard lengths of fibres, ready for     braiding. 

         Messages of peace were included with each scarf.

          Suggested recipients of the scarves include President Obama, Michelle Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the President of Iran, Mitt Romney, the director of the Peace Corps, Greg Mortenson, the United Nations, UNICEF, Rosalind and Jimmy Carter, members of the City Council of Grand Marais, Cook County Commissioners, Gabby Giffords, and many others.  Scarves were already presented to Minnesota Senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken (presented by Denny FitzPatrick at the Democratic National Convention).

Braiding teams, musicians, community connections…. with intentions of respectful relationships to self, to one another, to the Earth and all of her creatures:


Let there be peace on Earth….and let it begin with ME.

Peace Fibres is/was sold at a reduced price, with 100% of proceeds donated to the Violence Prevention Center of Cook County, sponsor of this event, along with Drury Lane Books.  Anyone wishing to purchase a book at the reduced price ($25/book, 2 books for $40) for the VPC, contact Karen Lohn via email: This offer continues for 100 days.


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