The Fabric of Life…. Undulations!

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Dear Followers,
When I decided to blog, I thought it would be so simple as I write nearly every day in my early morning time of solitude, Yoga, and meditation. Silly me! I simply cannot keep up with the multiple, wondrous demands of my busy, busy life. Since Peace Fibres entered the world, so did two new granddaughters, health challenges for my husband, many, many events to observe and celebrate the launching of the book, and the decade turnover to age 70. What a rich, complex, wondrous life I am blessed with; yet, blogging regularly becomes quite a challenge.
I often find myself, hands immersed in dishwater after a family meal (or, just as likely, immersed in diaper wetness as I change those two glorious little babes who grace my life with wonder, laughter, tenderness, joy, and, sometimes, poop!), thinking of what I would like to be writing if I just had the time to sit down to do so.

Consequently, these entries are few and far between; perhaps that makes them more relevant, more fitting to the reality of everyday life. Chop wood, carry water.

And the fabric of life continues to weave in all of its beauty, texture, and warmth as life wanes on one end, waxes gloriously on the other.
I am so happy to be seventy years of sage!! Dear friends were not blessed with longevity. Others suffer grievously with the ravages of age. I am blessed with a healthy body, a lively mind, and an emerging spirit. I am satieted in the beauty of dancing water, skies of majesty, earth of solid support, and air that breathes me. I am enormously grateful for this day. I hope that you, too, celebrate life.

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