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International Day of Peace

September 21, 2012

Join in braiding fibres of relationship!


Celebrating the Fabric of Life!!

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       Oh, yes!  Celebration, celebration.  And, how can one     celebrate without dance??  And, if dance, one must include the slivery smooth undulations of fabric, silky fluid fabric. 

I love John O’Donohue’s work and dance in celebration to these words from “Axioms for Wildness”…..

      “Feel the seamless silk of the ocean Womb you in ancient   buoyancy.”

  And, John O’Donohue’s poem, “For Celebration,” in To Bless the Space Between Us:

      Now is the time to fee the heart, Let all intentions and worries stop, Free the joy inside the self, Awaken to the wonder of your life.

Open your eyes and see the friends Whose hearts recognize your face as kin, Those whose kindness watchful and near, Encourages you to live everything here.

See the gifts the years have given, Things your effort could never earn, The health to enjoy who you want to be And the mind to mirror mystery.

May you celebrate the fabric of life today and mirror the mystery.

Peace,   Karen

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