Yarns of Generativity…. the endless stash!

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Obviously, I am way-y behind in posting to this blog! Seems a lot like that endless stash…. such great intentions, but the reality of accomplishing it all presents an enormous hurdle.
So, I posted not during the wonderful month of November, Celebrating Diversity…. perhaps because I was celebrating diversity!

Ulrika Leander in her yarns of generativity

The birth of beautiful baby Eloise and the privilege of spending most of her first month with her and her elated and exhausted parents (my daughter and son-in-law) took top priority in October and part of November.¬† What a statement regarding¬† generativity…. the ability to initiate and to produce!

A retreat and three workshops in November added threads of productivity to my life’s weaving, while hosting our ENTIRE nuclear family (three adult children, their spouses, and five fantastic grandchildren) over the Thanksgiving holiday wove a November tapestry of satisfied beauty.

Generating, producing, creating, working. All are so important to our sense of worth and of making a contribution, leaving a legacy. Yet, balance is essential. A tendency to over-work is not uncommon in this success-driven culture.
Time to sit, to savor, makes the work worthwhile. Stepping back to review and to reflect on the tapestry we are weaving is as vital to our sense of generativity as the actual production.

So, my December wish for each of you as you find yourself in a frenzy of projects and activities is for PEACE in the process. Sip a cup of tea, savor the moment, breathe, and smile.

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