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Colorful Clothing of Chiapas

Colors of Creativity

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What a perfect theme for October…. colors! Today I rode the gondola at Lutsen Mountain to view the almost-blinding blaze of glory as radiant autumn leaves claim their individual and collective significance. Truly spectacular.
I am reminded of a poem by John O’Donohue, “In Praise of Earth,” from To Bless the Space Between Us, in which he says of Earth…..
“And how light knew to nurse
The growth until the face of the Earth
Brightened beneath a vision of color.”

Color is vibrational…. on the electro-magnetic scale, a musical note translates into color eight octaves higher. No wonder a panoramic view of blazing color makes my heart and my feet want to dance, my throat to sing!

I am intrigued, when visiting developing countries in which poverty reigns, color flourishes, especially in the fibre work of that particular culture. In Chiapas, the colors of the shawls worn by women and girls repeated the ochre of the Earth. The fabulous colors of tribes in Thailand, of the Gulabi Gang in India, and, of course, of many African nations…. kente cloth and other.

I am convinced that beauty is as essential to our well-being as food, clothing, oxygen. The human creature seems to thrive through colorful creations.

This evening, I surround myself with an array of colorful piles of roving as I begin a new needle-felted shawl for a grieving friend. The colors tickle my soul.

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