Braiding Intimate Cords

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Scarves…. like this Rapunzel… what a symbol of intimate connection as they tenderly wrap their long threads around our necks, drape sensuously across our breasts, and enfold us in warmth and beauty.

A scarf will hang with us in all of life’s situations. An elegant evening at a concert includes my luscious lavendar/gold shimmering silk from a sacred city in India. Its beauty connects me to my daughter who gifted it and to the women of India who created it. Wearing this lovely piece reminds me of the essential nature of beauty in our lives… theirs, my daughter’s, my own. Our commonality through beauty, the beauty of each of us when we are living our essential self, no matter the circumstances of our lives.

Little (not so little any more… she’ll soon surpass my height!) Abbie and I are joined by the scarves we are making together as Abbie’s Christmas gifts for her moms, grandmothers, and aunts. The scarves are our own adaptation of the Rapunzel scarves. We first finger-knit six lengths, five yards each, for a single scarf. This is what joins us, though over a hundred miles apart, as we both work secretly each day until we have time together.  When we can excuse ourselves from others, we add single strands of wildly colorful, fringey yarns, then braid it all into long scarves. We share laughs and private conversation as we work. Abbie will proudly offer these gifts that join us then to the women important in her life and I, too, will feel strong connection.

Braiding initmacy. Sharing what matters to us…. across generations, across time and space, across cultures. Stitching a soulful, peaceful world.

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Intimacy. What a challenge this is for so many. In a culture that asks us to be someone other than our authentic self, developing deep intimacy requires searing honesty. Developing self awareness, then self acceptance, precedes intimacy with another.

Journaling, meditation, and symbolic fibre projects are avenues toward deepening self awareness. Acceptance comes with loving self unconditionally.

The sensuality of fibres is an easily accessible avenue toward a return to our own sensuality. Awareness of and appreciation for our own bodies awakens sensuality in us.

Tune in today…. to everything your skin touches, each scent that tickles your olfactory cells, each sweet sound entering your ears… each taste on your tongue. Squint, then widen your vision to take in the colors, shades, forms before you. Wrap yourself in a fabric that carresses your skin.

Spend time with yourself today. Then learn something new about someone with whom you feel close.

Braiding Intimate Cords….

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