Threads of identity

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I search my closet once again for the right threads that will identify me as a lover of fibre…. while also accenting my tendency toward “chic eccentricity!” I am tempted to buy something new, but I challenge myself instead to create the look that I want from that which already exists in my wardrobe.
Another book signing…. at Valley Booksellers in Stillwater…. then, Julie’s exciting party, “A Celebration in the Woods,” in Duluth. Natural fibres, flowing grace, summer’s end cool/with a hint of autumn…. hard to synthesize all of these factors, but I will do so.

Such emphasis across the globe on identity through the clothes we wear. The glorious, complex traditional dress of specific cultures is startling at times, especially in lands where basic subsistence is the norm. Still, these colorful creations adorn thin bodies validating the critical role that art and beauty play in our lives. Beauty is as essential to our health and well-being as food, clothing, shelter, oxygen, and safety.

Creative artists everywhere transform simple single fibres into multidimensional patterns and designs that enhance our lives and identify our village, our country, our personality, or simply our mood.

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