Power and Innocence.

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Drury Lane Publication Celebration
Peace Fibres Cake

Power and Innocence!

What a powerful “Publication Celebration” at Drury Lane! Joan Drury had this amazing replica of the cover of Peace Fibres created, using edible paper. Thank you, Joan.
Zabobo drummers drew people, including a troupe of street magicians and many friends. The Arts Festival brought visitors as well, so the salon was filled to overflowing. Maryl Skinner and Denny FitzPatrick created wonderful name tags for all who are “in the book!” Leave it to these creative geniuses to come up with a great new twist featuring the Peace Fibres logo.
Sandra Haff of I Love a Parade was there to receive the first ten percent contribution from May proceeds; her colorful booth was our initial meeting place.
The second percentage went to Judy Siegle who will be serving with Habitat for Humanity in Haiti come November.
Also among the revelers were our dear friends, Katie and John Zdechlik and Iris Bauermeister. Katie is the “Catherine” on the cover; her contributions to the manifestation of Peace Fibres have been enormous. Iris’ Wearable Whimsy, featured on page 72, included the fuzzy sweater she wore and the very special “Peace Fibres” scarf that she created for me for the event. (check out Iris’ etsy page.)
A special surprise was the presence of old UMD colleague and friend, Paula Pedersen; she and her partner, peace singer Sara Thomsen, provided a fabulous concert at the ACA that night. They also came to brunch on Sunday, so we had a wonderful time of reconnection, with ideas for the future.
Bob served champagne while neighbor Gina Todd serenaded us with her flute and people savored the fruit and cheese that our guests helped prepare earlier in the day. Trees and posts were festively yarn-stormed earlier in the day.
Special thanks to Lee Stewart and Karl Hansen of Drury Lane for choreographing and managing this wondrous event! Thanks also to Carolyn who assisted throughout. And, thanks to Buddy for drawing the raffle ticket.
We capped this wondrous day listening to the songs of Sara and Paula.
Peace, joy, gratitude.

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