Fibres, Our Source

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This long pause was because I am on the road again. Long fibres stretching to childhood, to posterity, to new connections. Like the silk of a spider’s web, one fibre links to another and another. A web of strength and beauty becomes.
I feel like linen right now. Definitely wrinkled after flights, shuttles, autos, couches, and an array of beds. But, strengthened by the agitation which was lots of fun as well.
Always a bit of bulap rub when connecting to family; rarely smooth and sleek like silk. A bit of irritation here, expectations and old patterns there. But, burlap is useful and pretty sturdy stuff.
Flexibility and a certain lightness of cotton: the best of all, time with grandchildren! Colorful, playful, breathing easily…. and giggling. Fibres that give, fibres that receive.
Connecting with new outlets for Peace Fibres in several states…. that’s the water-resistant warmth of wool.
This trip is a fibre fantasy… and there is more to come. But first, I need to hand-wash and lie flat to dry.

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