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Katie and I will today visit Ten Thousand Villages to deliver books that they will sell. This international marketer has always intriqued me and I have bought handmade items from villages in Africa, Asia, and New Zealand. By itself, it expresses the theme of Peace Fibres: we are all connected, we are all our sisters’ keepers, and diversity is to be embraced! I am sizzling to get there!

A day in Duluth yesterday, weaving threads of connection on the local level at Yarn Harbor, and with my personal history sharing Peace Fibres with my childhood friend, Julie Eckman.

Yarn Harbor not only will be carrying Peace Fibres, but owner Kathy Thomas really gets the idea of connecting through fibres. I first walked into her shop years ago to discover a busy group of knitters and crocheters gathered in community, creating Afhans for Afghanistan. Kathy has a focus on charitable fibre work. She also embraces the power of groups in building community.

Watch for a September event there!

And, dear Julie. She sizzled over Peace Fibres and will also host an event to celebrate its birth. Julie is a spiritual director with whom I synchronistically re-connected some years ago, only to discover that we share a passion for the power of the enneagram, love yoga, and have a similar belief system.

Connecting fibres…. personally, interpersonally, intergenerationally, interculturally. Peace.

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Global connections. The global tapestry is no longer deniable. Connected to every speck of the Earth now, literally and figuratively, we are. The cosmic substance of which we are all woven is universal. How exciting to live in a time when the unity of all is so evident. How do we best contribute to strengthen the fabric? First, we build relationship. Listening is the single best relationship builder. Listening with heart, learning how it is for another, responding with care and nurturance. Standing in solidarity. Sitting with fibre projects, having conversation. Building community.

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Of course we are our sisters' keeper

Community Connections

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Grand Marais is real community. People seem to gravitate here for the rugged beauty of Mother Superior and Superior Forest; I think that staying is as much about the colorful garment of community.
It takes patience to cast on enough threads, knitting, then purling one row at a time, to begin to create the cloak of community. But, once the form emerges, it is a wondrous cloak of caring, compassion, and contribution.
The enthusiastic support, encouragement, and celebration of Peace Fibres offers witness to this beautiful garment.
I am grateful. This could be a model for communities across the globe. It is not without snags, dropped stitches, or a perfect fit; it is about warmth, beauty, and connection.

Nanduti Lace….

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Sensuous savoring. Less than one month since Peace Fibres was delivered. Already the wondrous web is evolving, becoming strong and beautiful.

Launching events at Yarnover, Stillwater, and Shepherd’s Harvest Festival were threads of connection. Be Sweet yarns from Africa at Steven Be’s in south Minneapolis; alpacas, llamas, camels, yaks and the wondrous creations spun by the soulful people who love working with them at Shepherd’s Harvest; friends, old and now new, at Trinity Church in Stillwater poking and kneading fibres of awareness; and wonderful synchronicities at the Minnesota Textile Center in St. Paul. I am satiated.

More than one kindred spirit, sizzling as we discussed the theme of Peace Fibres, stated, “I think I’ve found my new best friend!”

These are the kind of connections that happen when people of fibre touch one another’s souls. A sizzling awareness of our oneness, of our common goal of harmonious relationship with one another and with the grand world in which we live. Surely this is an avenue for peace.

Webs of Connection

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Stay tuned for more information!

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